Watch “Dissection of Bisexual Flower (China Rose)” on YouTube

Dear all, this is a short YouTube video of dissection of Bisexual flower. Since we are living in tough times, this video is made in such a way that every student can himself/herself do this at home carefully. It could also be a source of entertainment as well as education.

The video is available on my YouTube channel “Jeewan Jyoti Biology” . The channel is mainly meant for students appearing in board examination however it is helpful for all biology students .

The channel has many other videos. This is a small way to bring your attention to my channel. It is my small effort to promote it. Do watch it especially if you love practical biology.

Practical work gives students an understanding of how biological knowledge is generated by experiment and observations.

Practical activities aren’t just motivational but also fun. They enable students to apply and extend their knowledge and understanding.


मेरी आंखों के आंसू में तेरी यादों का परिचय है,
गले का रूंधना अक़्सर तेरी बातों का परिचय है।
नहीं इन पर असर कोई छलक जाते हैं मनमर्जी,
अश्कों को जज़्ब करना मेरी रातों का परिचय है।

ज्योति राय जीवन ज्योति

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